We Worship You

3 08 2008
I am a fan of Holy Hip Hop- Gospel Rap whatever you choose to call it.  I feel if more people would take the time to listen to what they have to say there wouldn’t be so much talk against them.  So one thing I want to try and do on a regular basis on this blog is to post lyrics to some of my personal favorite songs.  The first one I have decided to post is by Ambassador one of the members of Cross Movement.  It is called “We Worship You”  They are taken directly from www.crossmovementrecords.com
We Worship You


Written by William Branch

Music produced by JR for So Hot Productions

Recorded by T.R.U L.I.F.E at Issachar Studios

Mixed by Jim Bottari at the Studio



I was made to worship and adore you—enjoy you

Put you on a pedestal and lay there before you


The more you do work in me the more I can’t ignore you

I’ve been in awe

Every since my inner man first saw you


Got so many names

We can’t run out of things to call you

They’re all true

These are what we ought to use to draw you


‘Cause any picture of the immortal is skimpy

Even classic pictures by Leonardo DaVinci


‘Cause you’re the wise God

Immortal and invisible

And Jesus Christ is your only accurate visual


Every one should honor you just for your common grace  

Good comes from you God

It’s like wine and grapes


You’re omnipresent

You protrude beyond time and space


You’re holy

You’re set apart like mom’s china plates


You’re showy

You got shekinah

And you shine your grace


You’re an oldie

You go back like rewinding tapes



We worship you 3X

Oh Lord our God


If not for you we would have been lost

Sin’s boss

Until the day we met you at the cross with the Timbs off


Told all my friends paying for sins was not a slim cost

God had to become a man and go out on a limb for us


We need the blood that your Son shedded

Nobody else’s works

It’s like using diesel when you need unleaded


Good deeds won’t stand like a man that’s one legged  

We don’t have enough

Like trying to graduate with one credit


Jesus—the Father was pleased to crush ya

Now we got a crush and want to be with you like girls wanna be with Usher


Some have to see to believe they need to touch ya

You bless those who believe without seeing we need to trust ya 


You brought us through

But in the process you caught a few

Blows to the hands, feet, and the side

Your beard they tore that too


Fake gods fall short of you

That’s why we find ourselves pantin’ like the deer from Psalm 42




Hip-Hop—ain’t used to this they bug off this maturity

We get our cue from the angels

They’re covered up from your purity


You’re beautiful, immutable Lord you don’t change


It’s undisputable you’re true

Forever more you’re the same


You reign

All hail to the King—people let the praise drop

Come and meet a God who chose a Bride from the slave block


There’s evidence of your power and worth

I scower the earth and beyond I see powerful work


We look up to see what you hooked up and we see stars

With the right lens we can look up and we see Mars


We look around on the ground and we see cars

And the ones you crowned and gave breath like CPR


That’s more than enough

Not to worship would be robbery

Hip-Hop knows how to worship

Look at how they worship property


There’s got to be some elect in the crowd

Come to Christ

Let’s get set to worship Him now






4 responses

13 08 2008

Verse 2 is a beast!

13 08 2008

This is probably my favorite song from this album. I can’t wait until his new one drops.

23 08 2008

my favorite song ever

8 05 2012

I believe that Christian rap has atually had a good affect on our youth and has encouraged them 2 turn 2 GOD that there is more out there 4 them that u don’t have 2 follow this worldly things and yet become FAMOUS IN HIS NAME! I am a witness I am 15 years old and this music really brought me closer and 4rm many other friends of mine it has saved them and brought them 2 christ ,WHy judge them when they say nothing 2 praise themselves but GOD? Maybe if u actually listen 2 what they have 2 say them you might understand our youth needs more lively music and this hip hop Christian rapp really just shows them that it does not come 4rm their parents and that they are not forced 2 worship him , but if they see that younger ppl become famous in christ they’ll be happy 2 do the same and follow their foot steps like they do 2 many other celebrities .u can still be live and worship GOD with beats and songs of PRAIS as it is stated in the bible. Use ur talents 4 god and be a blessing unto others!AMEN

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