I Am Better Than You!?

12 08 2008

When I decided to finally sit down and start a blog I was not sure the direction I wanted to take.  I knew it would be Christian in nature but I wasn’t sure what “avenue” so to speak I would go down in regards to Christianity.  What I do not want to do is come off as self righteous or “holier than thou”.  I have seen many blogs under the guise of discernment/information/guidance/ open thinking.  It seems like many of us in the end just want to prove that we know more than you/ my opinion is better than and more important than yours/ and if you can’t see what I see you are just wrong and off base.  The only one who got it all right was Christ.  Every one that has existed in the flesh before or after has missed it one way or the other.  None of us has a 100% correct hermeneutic nor do any of us have a completely Christian/Biblical view of the world.  At the end of the day all we can do is pray that the Holy Spirit is leading us in our study of the Word and in our walk with Christ.  If I ever come off in that way I pray that a brother or sister in Christ would let me know and I pray that I am humble enough to receive it.







2 responses

13 08 2008

It is funny why so many things we are so haughty about will be brought to abase in eternity.

13 08 2008

I agree..My only goal is to spread truth. If the truth offends I cannot help it but if I offend while telling the truth because of my attitude who does it really help.

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