SMH :(

3 10 2008

It seems that someone tried to put what I wrote about here to the test. Apparently a pastor has plead guilty to killing a man to be with his wife. If that sounds somewhat familiar you may have read a similar story here . Anyway I do not know this preacher from Adam. I have never heard him preach nor do I know what type of doctrine he believes.  But before we talk about this man and put him in our own personal hell (You know you have one to put people in!), it is important to remember that we too may be guilty of some things that God hates ( I would say more about that but instead I will direct you to a post here done by a brother I have had the pleasure of interacting with and reading by the name of Lionel Woods).  What I do know is that this man is guilty of murder and I know he is a sinner. I also know that he claims to be a Christian and if God so desires he will be allowed to repent and be right in the eyes of God just like David. It is not my place to say whether he will or not but if he is truly a Christian it is my prayer that he does and allow God to use him even while in prison. No one wins in these situations not the families especially not the 4 children of the woman he committed adultery with. But just like with everything else that happens it is very possible that God can get the glory from this tragic situation. The man is already condemned by the world and will be punished by the judgement of our justice system. Prayerfully he can allow God to use him to make some good out of it before God judges him as well.




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