What’s Right With the Church?

21 02 2009

    When I have time I read other blogs.  Most of the blogs I read are Christian in nature or written by professing Christians.  They make me laugh, think, and examine myself constantly.  I have but one dilemma and that is it seems no one is writing about what is right with the church.  Now I have seen many a blogger write about what is right with their church.  But very rarely do I see anything on what the Church is doing correctly.

    Let me say it this way,  I see many blogs who teach me that the church doesn’t have their eschatology correct, or their ecclesiology correct, or even their Christology correct.  But if all these thing seem to be wrong then what is right.  Is their any scripture that the Church as a whole is getting right or is it all correction all the time?

   To me something has to be going right so I am attempting to come up with three things that the Church as a whole is getting right.  No one may agree with me but then again, no one will probably read this anyway.


1.  Christ is preached/taught/ shared. – I have yet to find anyone claiming to be a Christian who flat out denies the birth, life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Ask just about any Christian if he/she believes this and your answer will most likely be yes.

2.  Dependency on Christ is preached/taught/shared. – I have yet to see a group calling themselves Christian who claims they can do anything without Christ.  Whatever things they claim to do they claim to do in His Name and for His glory.  We sometimes disagree on what those things should be but that isn’t the point of this post.

3.  Getting to know Christ is encouraged. – No gathering I know of will discourage you from getting to know Christ or know more about him.  However the method is to reach the goal the goal is to tell as many people as possible about His saving grace.


I may be naive but I think that the Church is getting something right, otherwise were did all of us Bible believing Christians come from if God did not use His Church?  What do you think?




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