Getting Personal

27 11 2010

I Gave this assignment to our preachers class and thought I would share.  This is rough to admit publicly but I feel doing it will help me be accountable on a much larger level.  So if anyone reads this, let me know what you think.

Elder Carey E. Pointer III

2010 Ministry Assessment

In 2010 I can honestly say I feel I have not been the man or Minister that God has called me to be.  As I reviewed the first three chapters of “What the Bible Says to the Minister” I have found several areas in which I fall short of this call.  The hardest hitting chapter for me has been chapter 3.  To me it feels as though I have lost focus of what my purpose of the ministry is supposed to be.

Mentoring others and teaching them about Christ is and should be the single most important thing in Ministry.  My Witness has not been bold enough or strong enough to affect anything.  I have allowed circumstances of life to shift my focus to other things.  Even before preaching, my mind would often shift to “what will I do with this money?”  I would even go to outside engagements with one of my main thoughts being “How much will I get”.  This shift in focus has caused me to abandon consistent study and prayer time.  Many times in 2010 I re-preached sermons not because I felt led by God, but because I had not taken the time to listen to Him for anything else.  The “Saturday Night Special” was used several times this year.

Do I know God?  Do I believe Him? Do I understand Him? Have I been faithful?  These are questions I have asked myself as I looked over myself this year.  Though my mouth has always said yes, my actions have too many times said no!

Do I know Him?  Not the way I have acted in my home and sometimes in public. 

Do I believe Him?  Only when it is convenient or if I am trying to show off.

Have I been faithful?  Not in my ministry, teaching, preaching, or in pursuit of what He has called me to do specifically the pursuit of a full time Pastorate.

What are the answers? I don’t know.  I have prayed and thought and God has given me some goals and things to pursue in order to get back where he would have me to be.




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